Saturday, October 01, 2022

Based on our very own experience, taking start-ups and early-stage companies, from their first $98.10 sale to $6.8 Million in 3 years, we've come to truly appreciate the expression "Performance, not promises".

One of the biggest challenges start-ups face are the scarcity of talent, funds, and mentors to help make their dreams and passions a profitable reality. This is where our "Performance, not promises" comes into play. We are these scarce resources we wished we had when we where growing our very own start-up companies.

Let's discuss Terms to team up with you as a Partner & Shareholder under the following guidelines:

Our engagement decisions are made based on the strength of the people involved, the quality of the ideas they present, the market opportunity, our leverage capabilities through our network of contacts, and the compelling nature of the business model.

What we seek:

  • Smart, motivated and determined entrepreneurs and teams
  • Innovative, highly differentiated high-demand products, or businesses models attacking big problems, within huge markets
  • Cutting-edge, high-value ideas
  • Differentiated product or technology

What you should present:

  • Biographies of you and your team
  • Your value proposition
  • Market overview (size and competition)
  • Risks
  • Product or service overview
  • Business model
  • Differentiators
  • Financial projections
  • Capital expectations, timing and use

What you can expect:

  • Dedicated attention and interest
  • Honest, direct and valuable feedback
  • Timely follow-up